Summer is approaching. Many people start to plan for their beach trips. If you have difficulty choosing a beach blanket, let me help you. In this article, I will introduce several common materials for beach blankets, which may help you while you try to select one.

Nylon, dacron and terylene beach blankets

Sand-resistant is one of the most significant selling points of beach blankets. Usually, they are made from nylon, dacron and terylene. They can prevent sand from sticking to the surface, or penetrating to dirty your items. And they are also water-resistant. Let you say goodbye to sitting on a wet blanket.
They also contribute to the lightweight and durable features of beach blankets. Beach blankets made from them are very thin and easy to pack down into a small carrying pouch. They won't stretch or warp over time, even after year-after-year washes.

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For these reasons, many customers would like to purchase such a beach blanket. But it also has a shortcoming, not that breathable.

Cotton beach blankets

Although cotton beach blanket isn't that common, if you like the touch of cotton, you can still find some options in the market. Compared to the materials previously introduced, cotton is softer to the touch and can wick away any moisture because it is super absorbent and breathable. However, it's not water-resistant or sand-free. And it will take more time to get dry after getting wet.

Microfiber beach blankets (towels)

Merchants normally introduce them as beach towels. But in my opinion, oversized Microfiber beach towels are a great option as beach blankets. They are sand-free and lightweight, just like nylon beach blankets. You can easily shake off the sand on them. Meanwhile, their dying speed is 3 times faster than cotton towels/blankets, with no odor, no moisture, super absorbent and ultra-soft.
What's more, you can use them as beach blankets or beach towels as you will. Microfiber beach towels are much more absorbent than traditional cotton towels. It's a great compromise when you feel difficult to choose between cotton beach blankets and nylon ones.

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Let's pack all the things and head for a beautiful beach. Enjoy beach vibe in this summer!