Sea turtles are ancient and beautiful creatures, meanwhile they also play vital roles in maintaining the health of oceans for over 100 million years. They make a huge contribution to the ecological balance of the earth, but they are threatened with extinction due to human impacts. There are seven species of sea turtle, six of which are endangered. To save them, which is to save ourselves, we should go hand-in-hand and do something what we could do.

Rooted in this beautiful creature and inspired by the Mandala element,   Diveblues created the Energy Turtle figure to encourage people to discover the inner strength and spiritual power within themselves and do something that matters to the world.

Therefore,  Diveblues initiates the Diveblues Energy Turtle Conservation Program and invite you to rescue sea turtles with us. Qualified participants will get a free gift from us.

How to participate:

1. Share your story about rescue a sea turtle(s) on a beach.

2. Record and describe your stories of rescuing (a) sea turtles with photos or videos.

3. Post the content on your social media, Facebook, Instagram or TikTok, with the hashtags #divebluesenergyturtle, #ocoopadiveblues

4. Tag our account: Facebook @Divebluesofficial and @Ocoopaofficial, Instagram @divebluesofficial and @ocoopaofficial, or Tiktok @ ocoopa_official.

5. Tag your local sea turtle or marine conservation organizations. (Optional) 

The gift you will get:

An Ocoopa Diveblues Energe Turtle Beach Product

Other statements:

1. Only available in the U.S.

2. If it's a group rescue activity, only the first 10 qualified participants will be eligible for this campaign.

3. Ocoopa reserves all the right for final explanation.

Thanks for what you have done or what you will do for sea turtles. We encourage any activities of sea turtle conservation, such as treat a injured sea turtle, build protective barriers around their nests and more. If you haven't  trained for sea turtle rescue, please contact the local agency or a trained person to walk you through what to do.