What you will get:

Every winner will get an Ocoopa Diveblues beach product. No specified version.

How to enter:

Become a subscriber of Ocoopa Diveblues official website. You enter into the candidate pool. (This campaign is only available for subscribers from US/UK/DE/FR/IT/ES/CA.) We will randomly select 2 lucky winners from the candidate pool every month.

Tips: If you are US residents, you can also opt into SMS marketing messages via popup and get an extra one entry. 

If you are one of the winners, how to get your prize?

We will inform winners by sending a winner announcement email to them, and also list the email addresses in this article. Don't worry we will use star mark to replace some letters in the email addresses. If you receive the email or see your email address in this article, send us your address for receiving the prize to bussiness@ocoopa.com. We will arrange the shipment as soon as possible.

When will the giveaway start?

From April 2022. We will announce the winners at the beginning of every month.

The end date of this campaign is undetermined.

Ocoopa Diveblues reserves the right of final interpretation for this campaign.

Thanks for your attention. Join it right now!!

Ocoopa Diveblues sea turtle beach blanket

Winner Announcement

The Winner List of April 2022

jab***ar@msn.com (SMS subscribed)

ashle***chelle12@gmail.com (SMS subscribed)

The Winner List of May 2022

To be unveiled

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